Hello everyone,

As we all know that liquid lipsticks are ruling the makeup world these days and every single brand is coming up with their liquid lipsticks. In the same way STAGE LINE Professional also introduced its liquid lipsticks with the name “X-FIX PLUS”. I am going to give my review on these two shades.

stage-line-3  This is the first shade that I am going to talk about. This is the STAGE LINE X-FIX PLUS “06”. It is a very deep and very fresh red color. It has a very beautiful blue undertone. It looks fresh in natural light and very deep in indoor light. It has a very thin consistency, really easy to apply and dries very quickly. It is very light weight.
Red lip lovers are going to love this lipstick.

The next shade is  “04”.

04 (left one is “06” and right one is “04”.)

04 is Carmine pink. It is a very beautiful coral pinkish shade. It looks coral in the natural light and slightly reddish in the indoor lighting.

Both the colors are very beautiful. I love both of them. These Stage Line lipsticks are very affordable.  These 2 lipsticks cost me $17. These lipsticks are very long lasting  , affordable, beautiful and so easy to apply. What else do you want from a lipstick?
I have no negative comments about the Stage line lipsticks, will definitely repurchase. ❤


Go buy these and have fun. 😉


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