DIANA OF LONDON- 2000 KISSES liquid lipsticks are amazing. On the packaging it says, it’s long lasting and non transfer. The Diana of London liquid lipsticks are very light weight and as it says on the packaging it is very very long lasting. It can last for more than 12 hours. These lipsticks are very creamy and very easy to apply.
It is an amazing lip product in a liquid form with a metallic effect and it is very smooth on the lips, this uncommon texture does not feel heavy, nor greasy. The applicator is perfect as it gets a very precise amount of the liquid lipstick, so you don’t have to dip it again and again in the bottle to get more. Another good thing about this lipstick is, it has no smell.
This is DIANA OF LONDON – 2000 KISSES YOURS FAITHFULLY and the number of this shade is 41. This is such a beautiful shade. It is a mixture of pinkish and brownish colors. It is very pigmented and one swipe is enough. This lipstick does not dry out lips. This color looks so gorgeous on the lips. I swear that this lip color will look amazing on you because it’s not too bright and not too dull, it is a perfect shade for every single skin tone.
I love this lip color. It looks very natural on me. It takes around 15 seconds to dry. I love this color and it is so affordable. I am definitely going to buy more of the Diana of London – 2000 Kisses lipsticks and I will repurchase this shade for sure. If you are looking for a long lasting, matte, smooth, beautiful and super affordable liquid lipstick, then this one is perfect for you. I got this lipstick for $8. You can get this lipstick from any drugstore or you can get it online.
I really want you girls to give it a try and I am sure you will repurchase it.



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