The Balm Meet Matte Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick- Adoring

Before giving the review on the balm cosmetics liquid lipstick in the shade Adoring, I would like to tell you guys that it has the exact same dupe and that is the ColourPop “AVENUE”. As you can see in the picture above, the balm “Adoring” is for $17 and the ColourPop “Avenue” is for $6 which is a very good thing. So, for those of you who don’t want to invest more than $8 in a lipstick, go for it’s dupe and if you are interested in the balm “Adoring” then keep on reading.
I really really like this shade. It’s a perfect shade for fall and you can wear it in winters as well. It looks really nice. Oh yeah, one more thing, I didn’t got this lipstick myself, my sister gave it to me. She didn’t like it because she has an olive skin tone and she said that it didn’t suit her. So, I think people with olive to deeper skin probably won’t like it. People with medium to fair skin tone are going to love it. This lipstick is actually very very long lasting. It can last for 36 hours or more ;). When I first applied this lipstick it gave my lips a very hydrating, fresh and a minty effect and I felt so good after wearing it. It is very very comfortable to wear. Some people have a problem with it’s packaging, they say it’s over filled and when they close it the product comes out, but I have no such problem. I find it perfect.
Okay back to the shade “Adoring”, It is a very beautiful shade. It gives vampy vibes but nothing too dark. It looks like a brownish maroon in the outdoor lighting and it looks a very dark dark red in the indoor lighting.
But it is a beautiful color. It is a deep dark wine brown color and super pigmented. I have tried the balm cosmetics liquid lipstick for the very first time in this shade, thanks to my sister. I am in love with this lipstick after using it. I will buy more shades, the formula and the scent, the long lasting effect and the minty effect is just amazing. I will probably get all the shades.
Do try it. It’s worth it. ❤


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