w7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow

Hi beauties, today I am going to give me review on this amazing w7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow. It is a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury. Let’s talk about the packaging first, the packaging is very cheap. It is a bronze, plastic rectangular palette with a clear panel in the lid. I am not a fan of the packaging. I got the w7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow from Denmark. I actually wanted to buy Charlotte Tilbury but CT is not available in Denmark, so I got it’s dupe.
I am a big fan of the packaging of the products of Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging is the only drawback of this palette, other than that I do not regret getting this product. It is just so perfect. When I first applied the highlighter and the bronzer on my face, I fell in love with it. The highlighter is a very warm champagne shade with a peachy undertone and it looks so stunning and natural. There is no glitter in it and no glitter is a very good thing at least for me. I hate glittery products. It gave me a very very natural glow. The bronzer is very warm and it has a golden shimmer which actually looks beautiful.
It is a very very gorgeous bronzer and a very subtle highlighter. I really really wanted to buy CT but after getting this one I don’t want it anymore. If you want to get a very beautiful bronzer and highlighter (just like CT), try this first. It’s cheap in price and high in quality. If you want to get an amazing bronze and glow in less price, go for this one. I really love it and I will repurchase it. ❤


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