Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Hello everyone, this is the first time I am going to review a foundation. Let me tell you one thing, this is the first time that I actually bought a foundation. I was never interested in foundations because I always thought that all foundations are cakey and this thought never motivated me to invest in foundations. But now that I have started a blog and my interest in makeup is growing, I wanted to give it a try.
My cousin recommended me the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. I am in the shade 53. The Bourjios Healthy Mix Foundation is the first foundation I have ever used and honestly, I love it. It is not expensive at all and it is the best best best foundation ever. I have never used other foundations so, I can’t compare it with any other. But this is amazing. I want to try more foundations but I don’t need to because this is so perfect. It has a medium coverage and medium coverage foundations are really good as you can build them yourself. It gives a very natural look. For medium coverage you don’t need a beauty blender to apply it neither a brush. Apply it as a moisturizer and you are good to go. It literally feels like skin. It is perfect for “no makeup” makeup look. I have a combination skin and it does not make my skin dry and it does not make my skin oily either. It’s just so perfect, I have nothing bad to say about this foundation. It has a slightly dewy finish but if you don’t want your foundation to look dewy, you can apply a matte primer underneath your foundation. Best thing is it comes with a pump, so it’s easy to use and it does not cause break outs. If you think that a good foundation comes in high price, forget it! Because this foundation is unbelievable. If you don’t believe me try it yourself.
It is not cakey at all, I repeat this foundation is not cakey at all. You can wear it everyday as you wear your moisturizer. If I ever buy another foundation, I will still keep this one with me to be on the safe side. This foundation will never let you down. Go buy it and I guarantee that you won’t regret buying it ever, infact you will forget other foundations, no matter how expensive they are.


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