NYX Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray

Hello people, today I am going to review this NYX Dewy Makeup Setting Spray.
The packaging of this product is not good at all. I am a fan of the black packaging but, this one is too cheap. It is a black plastic bottle with a nozzle and the nozzle is not a good one. Sometimes, you need to press it twice to get the product out of it. The smell of this spray is too bad. I hate the smell of this setting spray. When you spray it on your face, the smell makes you feel like you are in a chemistry lab. It has alcohol in it and you know that alcohol is not good for your skin at all. It makes your skin dry. If you have a dry skin do not use products that have alcohol in it.
The spray itself is not a bad product. It extends the life of makeup really well (even non-waterproof mascara, in humidity). When you spray it on your face, it dries very quickly. Some setting sprays takes time to dry and it is annoying. This one dries really fast so, you don’t have to worry when you are in a hurry. It makes your skin look fresh and healthy. This review is not a long one, I am going to sum up my review now by telling that this spray is not the best one but it’s not bad either. Spending money on it does not mean that you are wasting your money, but there are better setting sprays then this.


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