theBalm How ‘Bout them Apples? Lip and Cheek Cream Palette

theBalm How ‘Bout them Apples? lip and cheek cream palette is for $32. I am not a huge fan of the packaging of theBalm’s products. I am especially not a fan of this palette, the way it looks is too cheap. It looks like it’s for the kids. This palette has six shades and all of them are cream products. All the six shades can be used on the lips and the cheeks. According to theBalm cosmetics, this cream palette has a smooth finish and it won’t streak or fade away. I am completely against this statement, it does fades away very quickly. It does not stay on the lips and it is not good as a blush either. They don’t set or dry down completely, so they are not long lasting at all.
It has six shades and they only look pretty in the palette. The first one is Cider, second is Cobbler, third is Pie. fourth is Crisp, fifth is Candy and the last shade is Caramel. Cider is a very soft peachy shade. It has a slight hint of Pink and a luminous sheen to it. This color is not build able, no matter how many layers you apply, it will remain the same. Cobbler is a red with an orange undertone. The more you build the more brighter it becomes. It is not matte. Pie is a muted pink with a slight hint of red and it is also not matte. It is more like a coralish shade, but I do not like it. It is very bright, more like a neon shade and I hate neon shades. Crisp is a warm toned coral with a gold shimmer in it. The gold sheen is prominent on the lips but it is less prominent on the cheeks. Candy is a cool toned pink. More like a bubblegum pink. It looks pretty and it is very similar to the Bobbi Brown Summer Pink. It is slightly hydrating. The last shade is Caramel. Caramel is a muted orangish brown with warm under tones. It is blend able and build able. It looks good on the lips but do not apply it on the cheeks.
All these shades have a luminous sheen to them. I only like matte lipsticks and powder blushes. This didn’t work for me. I won’t recommend this palette to anyone. Hate it.


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