Kylie Jenner Liquid Lipstick “Candy K”

Hello everyone, today I am going to review Kylie Candy K. Honestly I was very excited and happy when I got this lipstick. As you can see in the picture on the right.
k2But guys honestly speaking I was not happy when I tried it. There are so many reasons why I dislike this liquid lipstick. I really like the packaging, it has a black metal material for the wand’s exteriors. The wand of this lipstick is like a normal wand, a standard liquid lipstick wand, nothing special about that. But the lipstick itself is not good at all.
The shade looks really different in the tube. It will turn into a different shade when you will apply it on your lips.As it dries, it turns darker. I don’t like this thing at all. The lipstick feels so tacky and so streaky. It is not hydrating at all. My lips were dry for the whole day. It is long lasting but, it is not comfortable at all.  I personally feel that the lip liners are better than the lipstick. :/


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