Sweet Touch Lipsticks

Honest advice people, do not ever do this to yourself. Never let it happen. Oh my God! the worst thing you can do to yourself is buy lipsticks of Sweet Touch. I tell you guys the touch of this lipstick is not sweet at all. I don’t care if they are long lasting or pigmented or whatever. These lipsticks are the worst lipsticks ever on Earth. I can not even explain what happened to my lips when I applied one of ST’s lipsticks. That lipstick dried the crap out of my lips.
After the drying part, my lips were swollen. They were so swollen that it looked scary. After two or three day my lips started shrinking and all of a sudden BAM! my upper lip was gone. The ST’s experience was so scary. I hate it. I forgot to mention one thing, all that time my lips were so itchy that I wanted to scream and scratch the crap out of them. The worst experience ever. Never Ever dare trying it. I regret doing that and I am not going to use that brand ever.
I treated my lips with aloevera. Thanks to aloevera gel. Hate Sweet Touch, hate it! Like you can’t even think how much I hate it. Do a favor to yourself and don’t buy it.


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